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Engineered and manufactured for superior performance and reliability, PWR New Steering Gear Boxes will enhance drivability experiences through superior performance under extreme conditions, address premature product-based failures, and increase lasting customer satisfaction by incorporating:

  • Rigorous Specifications for Light & Medium Duty Truck Applications
  • Precision Balanced and Matched Internal Components
  • Manufacturing Compliancy to PWR Engineering Designs - "No Aftermarket Conversions"
  • Strict Focus on Operational Functionality - "Minimal Consolidation"
  • 100% Functional Testing Procedures Before Packaging
  • ISO/TS/OHSA Certified Global Tier Manufacturing Partnerships
  • PWR Proprietary USA Based Engineering
  • Actual Field Installations and In-Service Monitoring at Our Memphis, TN Engineering Center
PWR Steering Gear Box

PWR Steer - Gear Boxes