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Power Steering Component


First To Market

PWR Steer Innovation

PWR STEER's new power steering racks, pumps, and gear boxes are designed for optimum fit, form, and function to improve operational efficiency. Our parts are supplied as installation ready as possible to further address historic quality issues associated with power steering repair parts. Purposely designed to ensure increased protection from potential shipping damage, our innovative product packaging makes sure that PWR STEER products arrive to our customers exactly as they left our Global Tier Manufacturing Facilities

PWR Steer Engineering

Our PWR Engineering Center develops in-house proprietary product specifications for each application. Using rigorous manufacturing disciplines, PWR on-site engineers work directly with our global ISO/TS/OHSA Certified Tier Manufacturing partners to monitor production standards and quality assurance processes. PWR STEER engineering requires 100% pre-production validation to all specifications before a part number is approved for manufacturing.

PWR Steer Leadership

Premium Guard Inc. has developed its reputation as an established global leader in customer service, product quality, category coverage, and first-to-market innovation. As its newly created division, PWR STEER is dedicated to those same standards of excellence. With decades of combined OE and aftermarket experience, our team is focused on providing innovative new power steering products, programs, and services specifically designed to meet the high expectations of the Premium Guard customer.

PWR Steer products are USA engineering approved to deliver performance you can rely on.